The information below demonstrates the gradual progression from the first printing press to the launch of magazines as we know today to the explosive exploitation of digital magazines since the introduction of the iPad in 2010:

  1. Mainz, Germany, 1439: Johannes Gutenberg, a goldsmith, invents movable type technology. This launches the information age, and the use of the printing press all over Europe even leads to a name for the new information media, the press.
  2. Germany, 1663: The Western world’s first magazine, Edifying Monthly and the magazine industry is born. It took 224 years for an entrepreneur to harness the printing press for generating what we now know as magazines, and creating an entirely new industry.
  3. London, England, June 20, 1981: The Economist mentions theWorld Wide Web in an article about CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research).
  4. United States, Aug. 12, 1981: IBM releases its first personal computer.
  5. United States, Oct. 27, 1994: The first commercial magazine website HotWired, is launched by Wired magazine. The digital magazine publishing industry is born. It took 13 years for the magazine industry to jump on the computer bandwagon.
  6. California, United States, April 3, 2010: Apple releases the iPad.
  7. United States, May 26, 2010: Wired magazine’s iPad edition goes live and sells 24,000 copies in the first 24 hours. Condé Nast is only slightly behind Wired. The digital magazine publishing industry is born again. It took 53days for the magazine industry to begin leveraging the iPad.
  8. United States, Jan. 17, 2013: Forrester announces that in the three years since the iPad was released, 200 million tablets have been sold worldwide. By contrast, they note, it took the laptop 10 years to sell 27 million units. And today the laptop is being abandoned for tablets.
  9. United States, April 9, 2013: The iPad newsstand includes 8,419 magazine apps.
  10. Amazon, creator of the Kindle tablet, has 609 magazine apps. It took 3 years for the magazine industry to make digital magazine apps as readily available as any other product on the market today.
  11. October 2014 CoreFit®  is launched in Spain – the first unisex, sports, fitness lifestyle title free to the Spanish speaking market, on tablets and smartphones.

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