In 2013 Mequoda performed a study of tablet usage and discovered that of 1,200 tablet users surveyed, 26% prefer digital magazines to print magazines. Keeping in mind that the iPad (the leading tablet in the study) was released in 2010, a growth path from 0% to 23% in three years is remarkable.

This growth is predicted to increase at an extra-ordinary rate, fuelled by major electronic companies launching tablets into the market and the flat line sales of desktop computers.

With the launch of smartphones, the move from print products to digital has accelerated even further – particularly as smartphone screens like the iphone 6 plus become larger and yet can still be stored safely in your pocket (unlike a tablet). 85% of under 30’s use a smartphone to access news and social media on a daily basis.

It is predicted by 2020 that 77% of people will prefer digital magazines to printed products as functionality and interactivity improves.

As an example, CoreFit®  already offers unrivalled functionality and interactivity to its subscribers for free – way ahead of traditional printed media and even existing digital magazine products.