Case Study – CoreFit

Looking at the benefits of creating a MagApp and how CoreFit is better in at least seven ways:

•  Timely – When the latest issue of CoreFit®  is released, it can be viewed and downloaded instantly. This allows our news to be up to date and advertisers to align with new launches.

•  Shareable – CoreFit®  enables subscribers to share content. In a social media driven world, customers want to share everything with everyone, a feature of print that simply doesn’t exist naturally.

•  Searchable – Usability of print magazines has never been optimal. Sometimes it’s hard even to find the index amongst the pages of adverts. CoreFit® is searchable (and tapable), reducing the barrier to engagement.

•  Portable – When given the choice to bring seven magazines on a 12-hour flight, or an iPad mini or smartphone, which takes up the least amount of space?

•  Collectable – Just as tablet and smartphone users collect apps, they can collect CoreFit®  issues. CoreFit®  allow subscribers to clip and save certain articles of the magazine too, which makes it even easier to replace print. And again, CoreFit®  takes up a lot less space than print magazines

•  Video enhanced – Thirty years ago, science fiction films predicted that we’d be watching video news clips in our print magazines! CoreFit®  offers this solution with video tutorials, interviews and video advertisements integrated into each issue.

•  Audio enhanced – Along the same lines, CoreFit®  subscribers can enjoy listening to sound clips, interviews and advertorials – something not even possible in the print medium.

Tablets and smartphones have bridged the gap between magazines and magazine websites. They’ve created a complete hybrid of information. Once users actually see and engage with a digital magazine such as CoreFit® , they are more likely to subscribe. The rapid consumer adoption of smartphones and tablets, and an early preference for digital magazines over print magazines by their users, leads us to conclude that a long range digital publishing strategy is imperative to the survival and prosperity of every magazine publisher